At Red Buffalo Nursery, we use our native ecosystems as the model when we're working on your yard or woodlot. These ecosystems developed over thousands of years, influenced by our unique combination of climate, geology, plants and animals.

Native ecosystems are much more subtle, in color, and diverse, in shapes and textures, when compared to traditional flower gardens. Grasses and sedges are more prevalent; they are used as food sources for insects and animals, and to keep out non-native weedy plants. A single native plant species may not bloom for long, but the great diversity of species keeps the garden continually changing colors, shapes, and visitors, from March to November. At Red Buffalo Nursery we don't do everything - we also believe that enjoying your garden is an active process that includes learning, weeding, planting, photographing, collecting and sharing - what we do is help get you started.

Native Gardens

We design and install native plant gardens for your home which emphasize different plants while still maintaining a natural balance. Create a butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, woodland garden, or rain garden -- bring the glories of nature to your doorsteps and help recreate/restore our region's native ecosystems.

Prairie Recreations

We can convert your lawn to prairie or savanna economically from seed. Often we can simply herbicide the lawn in the Fall and then hand broadcast seed before the first snowfall, the seed will then germinate in the Spring. Annual weeds will need to be mowed a few times for the first year or two and aggressive biennial and perennial weeds will need to be monitored and removed -- after a few years you'll have a beautiful stable natural area attracting many native birds and butterflies.

Natural Areas Restoration

We can create management plans for your natural area and then implement those plans to reduce the number of invasive alien weeds and increase the diversity of the existing native community on your property. Convert your property from an unmanageable thicket to a diverse native community that you can enjoy and be proud of.


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